‘Paranormal’ experience and thoughts on horror

Posted by · 9:48 am · October 3rd, 2009

I finally got around to “Paranormal Activity” last night, which has been scaring audiences nationwide for about a week now.  The film sat on a shelf for two years, terrifying Steven Spielberg, awaiting a release of some sort, primed for a remake at one point, and finally made its way into the marketplace last week […]

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THE LISTS: In Contention’s top 20 horror films of all time

Posted by · 1:11 pm · October 28th, 2008

Yes, how trite.  Another list of the “best” horror films of all time.  But this really is the most subjective of genres, is it not?  What is scary to us all has slipped out of the realm of the universal and become much more of a personal thing. Certain films are inarguable, as our list […]

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