INTERVIEW: Kristin Scott Thomas

Posted by · 1:03 pm · December 6th, 2008

When interviewing Kristin Scott Thomas, the woman who for many audiences represents the living portrait of English upper-crust serenity, Led Zeppelin isn’t exactly the first name you expect to crop up in the conversation. And yet, halfway through our Transatlantic chat, that is exactly what happens. “Seeing the guys, well into their sixties, just getting […]

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Cinematical swoons over Scott Thomas

Posted by · 5:18 am · September 1st, 2008

Compared to the drought of previous years, where the five nominees have been all but pre-determined for months in advance, the Best Actress race is looking rather crowded at this point. (It’s certainly the major category that gave me the most pause when I updated my predictions this morning.) What’s gratifying to see is that […]

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