REVIEW: “The Duchess” (**1/2)

Posted by · 10:53 am · September 8th, 2008

There’s a startling scene near the beginning of “The Duchess,” in which the teenaged Georgiana Spencer (Keira Knightley) has intercourse for the first time with her new husband, the much older Duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes). Ordered, with dispassionate reserve, to strip naked and lie on the bed, Georgiana trembles with positive terror as her […]

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Posted by · 2:54 am · August 28th, 2008

Sitting at a bus stop in London’s Shoreditch at 2am, waiting for the ever-elusive night bus home, I had rather a long time to contemplate the new UK poster for “The Duchess,” Paramount Vantage’s Keira Knightley costume flick… … and my initial reaction was that, to my surprise, I rather liked it. Clean, stark, beautifully […]

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