What about Melissa Leo?

Posted by · 8:56 am · February 6th, 2009

Yesterday, Kris pondered whether Kate Winslet’s Best Actress Oscar is quite the sure thing it appears to be on paper, or whether Meryl Streep can surf in on a tide of veteran goodwill and spoil the Brit’s party yet again. I’ve been saying since nomination day that I can’t imagine Winslet losing yet again, least […]

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INTERVIEW: ‘Appaloosa’ composer Jeff Beal

Posted by · 7:59 am · October 10th, 2008

Like a number of film music composers, Jeff Beal makes his home north of Los Angeles in the rocky, canyoned city of Agoura Hills.  One feels a sense of the old west before even seeing the ranch-style houses in his neighborhood and the tail-flipping horses tied out back.  Questions about his work on “Appaloosa,” Ed […]

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TORONTO: Ed Harris on ‘Appaloosa,’ acting and film crticism

Posted by · 12:09 pm · September 7th, 2008

Walking into to interview with any actor/director can be a tad intimidating, even after 20 years of doing it.  They have a tendency to be…difficult.  But 30 minutes into my interview with Ed Harris, he pays me a compliment that could keep wind in my sails for the duration of the fest: “Thank you for […]

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