LIFE WITHOUT OSCAR: 1975 and 1976

Posted by · 7:00 pm · September 15th, 2010

Catch up with the idea behind this series here. These two years offer two of the best slates of Best Picture nominees ever in my opinion. ’75 of course belonging to the second ever winner of the top five awards, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” I’ve got no qualms with that particular film, but […]

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THE LISTS: Top 10 Oscar nominee fields

Posted by · 12:47 pm · January 26th, 2010

In exactly one week’s time, we’ll have a brand new list of Oscar nominations to pore over, pick apart and eventually file away in our subconscious with the other 81 editions of this annual collective. For Oscar geeks, nomination day is in many ways more exciting than the ceremony itself, celebrating a broader spectrum of […]

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THE LISTS: Top 10 films of the 1970s

Posted by · 11:42 am · November 18th, 2008

When critics and historians of the cinema sit down to discuss uh, cinema, the conversation almost always turns to the great decades in movie history. And n nearly conversation I’ve been a part of, the 1970s reigns supreme as the single decade of brilliance. It was a time of enormous artistic growth for film, as […]

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And often, the Academy gets it right…

Posted by · 10:53 am · July 30th, 2008

As much as I rant about some of the bizarre choices made by the Academy, let’s be fair…there are times when they are right on the money. The AMPAS allowed for an embracing of the New American cinema with their awards for Best Picture and Best Director for “Midnight Cowboy” in 1969, and only they […]

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Actor/movie star — who walks the line the best?

Posted by · 10:18 am · May 22nd, 2008

Continuing the conversation from a few days ago on actors that are more than icons, only one name comes to mind: JACK. For more than 40 years Jack Nicholson has been one of the most dominat acting forces in movies, with an impressive array of performances that both challenge him as an artist and also […]

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