Insight within madness

Posted by · 9:12 am · November 5th, 2009

Further to yesterday’s discussion of the film’s critical reception, Armond White’s furious pan of “Precious” is already gaining notoriety for its more attention-seeking flourishes. It’s hard to find much justification for his claim that “Norbit” and “Marci X” are “excellent” films about the black experience, and his suggestion that the film is being principally championed […]

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TECH SUPPORT: Best Makeup — Volume One

Posted by · 11:48 am · November 13th, 2008

“Norbit.” “Click.” “The Time Machine.” “Life.” What do all of these dreadful films have in common? They are Oscar nominees because of the category of Best Makeup! I will give this branch kudos for often willing to think outside the box but they still manage to be quite bizarre in their choice of nominees more […]

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