Could Woody Allen be a surprise Best Director nominee?

Posted by · 8:25 am · December 15th, 2008

In 1994, Woody Allen’s masterful “Bullets Over Broadway” was not really on anyone’s charts as a potential Oscar nominee. A very funny film about a playwright who enlists a gangster to help him bring life and reality to his play, it was one of Allen’s best works with hysterically funny performances from John Cusack, the […]

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REVIEW: “Match Point” (**1/2)

Posted by · 9:19 pm · November 29th, 2005

The problem with Woody Allen’s most recent effort, the multi-lauded Cannes favorite “Match Point” is that we’ve seen it all before. The writer/director has approached the exact same territory before albeit on this side of the pond. But deeper than that, it seems the extremely positive critical reception has more to do with a longing […]

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