Edward Norton and the not-so-jolly green giant

Posted by · 9:51 am · June 24th, 2008

What can be said of the fearless Edward Norton, who recently became an on-screen comic book hero?  I never understood his choice to take on the role of Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk.  And now, post-release, I’m still puzzled. He walked into a franchise that became a fast mess just five years ago.  And […]

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REVIEW: “The Incredible Hulk” (***1/2)

Posted by · 3:30 pm · June 9th, 2008

When Ang Lee set out to direct the first feature film adaptation of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk property five years ago, some things were…different. Lee was coming off of the major awards success of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which led audiences – many of them skeptics – to ponder what he might be able to accomplish […]

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