Oceans apart

Posted by · 1:08 am · September 5th, 2008

One of the great things about getting to review a film before the general press has had their say is having no idea where your views will stand in the tide of critical opinion. With only gut expectations to live up (or down) to, one can respond to nothing but the work at hand. So […]

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REVIEW: “RocknRolla” (*1/2)

Posted by · 8:12 am · August 29th, 2008

Short of seeking or citing any legitimate critical opinion, the marketing team behind “RocknRolla,” the fifth feature from Guy Ritchie, have gone to much effort to portray it as a creative comeback for the much-maligned filmmaker. Here in the UK, the words “return to form” are splashed prominently across billboards for the film (set to […]

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