LIFE WITHOUT OSCAR: 1977 and 1978

Posted by · 9:58 pm · September 22nd, 2010

Catch up with the idea behind this series here. Hey, that “Star Wars” thing was nominated for Best Picture in 1977. The blockbuster game-changer was beaten by the romantic comedy game-changer “Annie Hall,” in what has to be one of my favorite Best Picture wins ever. It would be 21 years before another comedy won […]

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New generation

Posted by · 2:50 pm · August 25th, 2009

Apropos of nothing really, except this thin story about her being cast in the latest John Carpenter thriller, but for the first time this afternoon I took time to properly look at Mamie Gummer. You might know her better under the name of “Meryl Streep’s daughter.” Gummer has been cropping up in supporting parts for […]

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