A note on ‘Senna’ and the Oscars

Posted by · 4:08 am · August 12th, 2011

Longtime Oscar-watchers know that the Academy’s documentary branch is a law unto itself: no amount of glowing reviews, previous awards, robust box office and/or pop-culture prominence is enough to secure a film a guaranteed nomination in the Best Documentary Feature race.┬áIndeed, anticipating the “surprise” snub in the branch’s series of shortlists is something of an […]

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SHORT TAKE: “Grizzly Man” (**1/2)

Posted by · 8:09 pm · August 30th, 2005

Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man” is an amazingly rich film, and an indefinably important one for those who have a vested interest in artistic showcases of man’s position in his natural world. That Herzog, a madman in his own right, would be drawn to the life and times of Timothy Treadwell is hardly surprising, but what […]

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