9/2 Web Round-up

Posted by · 9:37 am · September 2nd, 2009

• “A Serious Man,” a glossary. [Focus Features] • Peter Knegt writes up 10 things the fall fests could tell us about the awards season. [indieWIRE] • Julian Fellowes talks Robert Altman eight years after “Gosford Park,” bringing back memories (old school Oscar Central readers know). [The Wrap]

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REVIEW: “The Young Victoria” (**)

Posted by · 12:04 pm · March 9th, 2009

Somewhere out there, wherever such souls reside, Anne of Great Britain must be wondering what she had to do during her reign to merit her own prettily mounted biopic. She may be the last relatively untapped figure in British heritage cinema’s well-worn library of queenly narratives, but she has once more been passed over for […]

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‘Young Victoria’ surfaces

Posted by · 4:08 pm · February 5th, 2009

A lavishly mounted biopic of the eponymous British monarch that boasts Martin Scorsese among its producers, “The Young Victoria” seemed primed for Oscar consideration last year. Sandy Powell’s typically elaborate costumes were an apparent shoo-in, and some pundits had star-in-waiting Emily Blunt as a dark horse on their Best Actress lists — until the film […]

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INTERVIEW: Kristin Scott Thomas

Posted by · 1:03 pm · December 6th, 2008

When interviewing Kristin Scott Thomas, the woman who for many audiences represents the living portrait of English upper-crust serenity, Led Zeppelin isn’t exactly the first name you expect to crop up in the conversation. And yet, halfway through our Transatlantic chat, that is exactly what happens. “Seeing the guys, well into their sixties, just getting […]

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