LIFE WITHOUT OSCAR: 1931 and 1932

Posted by · 1:32 pm · March 23rd, 2010

Catch up with the idea behind this series here. 1931 was the first time the Academy Awards were broadcast on the radio. Can you imagine having to tune in to Sirius channel 2174 to hear Conrad Nagel announce who won everything? I don’t even know who Conrad Nagel is. 1932 gives us my favorite Oscar […]

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One-eyed jacks

Posted by · 6:23 pm · August 14th, 2009

“A film must always be finished, even if it is in the dark.” This line may come froma brand new film, Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces,” but it’s an apt pointer to a vintage film retrospective in New York that surely forms the oddest news item of the day. In “Broken Embraces,” the line is spoken […]

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REVIEW: “The Last King of Scotland” (****)

Posted by · 11:26 am · September 2nd, 2006

Every so often a film comes along that is so celebratory of the filmmaking process and fresh in its approach to visually conveying a story that it creatively demolishes anything within earshot. “Metropolis” was an early example, as Fritz Lang opened up the world in front of the camera like no one before.  Arthur Penn’s […]

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