The top 10 shots of 2009: part one

Posted by · 12:49 pm · February 16th, 2010

Assembling the assets for my annual take on the best single shots of the year was more of a chore this time around than ever.  Perhaps one need only look to a lackluster list of Oscar nominees in the Best Cinematography category to gauge just how underwhelming much of the work behind the camera was […]

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TECH SUPPORT INTERVIEW: The crafts of ‘Up in the Air’

Posted by · 6:09 pm · December 17th, 2009

Because some of director Jason Reitman’s work tends to be stylistically traditional and classic, he says there might be the assumption that he’s not a visual filmmaker. But seven years as a commercial director tends to make you as visual as the next guy. And make no mistake.  He is absolutely specific when it comes […]

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TECH SUPPORT: Best Cinematography — Volume II

Posted by · 3:07 pm · October 1st, 2009

Almost three months ago, I described how our cinematographers bring movies to life, by lensing the director’s vision, the actors’ performances, the production designer’s and the writer’s mood, just to begin. In the absence of these talented individuals, there would truly be no cinema. Like most people, this is my favorite of the Oscar crafts […]

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