'Beginners' director Mike Mills lands Bening, Gerwig and Fanning for '20th Century Women'

Posted by · 9:24 am · May 14th, 2015

Mike Mills will be teaming up with Annapurna Pictures on “20th Century Women,” and he’s rounded up a trio of talented actresses to see it through: Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning.

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OFF THE CARPET: Strong year for double-dippers

Posted by · 8:58 am · September 12th, 2011

We find ourselves right in the middle of the big Toronto press junket, er, film festival, where 200-plus films are landing, many of them as world premieres, and the landscape of this year’s Oscar race is really beginning to take shape. As I looked out at the various films in play this year, it suddenly […]

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COMIC-CON: Francis Ford Coppola takes Best in Show

Posted by · 3:20 pm · July 23rd, 2011

My Comic-Con coverage came to a close this morning with Francis Ford Coppola’s first appearance here in 19 years, and a glimpse of his latest film, “Twixt.” There’s still the “Cowboys & Aliens” screening tonight, but reviews will be embargoed, so my big send-off is the master himself. And what a send-off it was. “Twixt” […]

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Super h8ed it

Posted by · 11:14 am · June 6th, 2011

Where to begin on “Super 8?” It’s so clearly the kind of film directors tend to make, unmolested, after a major hit, the kind where someone really needed to be pulling the strings and smoothing the edges and seeing the forest through the trees. “But I’m J.J. f***ing Abrams.” (I’m sure he’s a splendid chap.) […]

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1/4 OSCARWEB ROUND-UP: 2010 in cinematography, ‘True Grit’ vocal ticks, Affleck on Postlethwaite

Posted by · 7:03 am · January 4th, 2011

• Jordan Raup gets into the game of recognizing the year’s best in cinematography.  (My annual “Top 10 Shots of the Year” column will hit later this month, FYI.) [The Film Stage] • Stephen Schaefer bemoans the broadcast realities and “cookie cutter sameness” of critics awards in the 21st century. [Boston Herald] • David Poland […]

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12/10 OSCARWEB ROUND-UP: ‘The Fighter’ moves in, Sturgess taks ‘The Way Back,’ Timberlake gets serious

Posted by · 8:10 am · December 10th, 2010

• Elle Fanning: the next Golden Child. [New York Times Magazine] • Pete Hammond joins the flavor of the week: “The Fighter” is insinuating itself into the Best Picture race in a big way. [Deadline] • Anne Thompson chats with “The Way Back” star Jim Sturgess. [Thompson on Hollywood]

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REVIEW: “Somewhere” (***1/2)

Posted by · 6:21 am · September 3rd, 2010

Venice Film Festival Who’d be Sofia Coppola? (As an artist, I mean – I’m sure plenty of women would gladly trade for her beauty, wardrobe and Parisian rock-star husband.) No sooner had her bijou, highly personal breakthrough picture netted her an Oscar, atop countless critical valentines, than an acidic chorus of detractors began chiding her […]

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Sofia Coppola checks into ‘Somewhere’

Posted by · 8:28 am · April 17th, 2009

It seems to have become fashionable to dismiss Sofia Coppola as a lightweight in recent years, so news of her fourth feature film may be greeted with trepidation by some folks. Not me, though. My relationship with “Marie-Antoinette” has shifted over time from guarded admiration to fully-blossomed love, while “Lost in Translation” remains, for me, […]

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