Picking the best new lensers

Posted by · 8:44 am · August 24th, 2010

As you know, we at InContention are dedicated to spotlighting below-the-line talent, so this excellent cinematography-themed piece at The Playlist caught my eye — in it, Oli Lyttelton singles out five individuals that he feels are spearheading an exciting new generation of DPs, breaking down their past achievements and future promise in some detail. The […]

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TECH SUPPORT: Best Cinematography — Volume II

Posted by · 3:07 pm · October 1st, 2009

Almost three months ago, I described how our cinematographers bring movies to life, by lensing the director’s vision, the actors’ performances, the production designer’s and the writer’s mood, just to begin. In the absence of these talented individuals, there would truly be no cinema. Like most people, this is my favorite of the Oscar crafts […]

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SHORT TAKE: “A Single Man” (***1/2)

Posted by · 6:26 am · September 11th, 2009

Venice Film Festival In a curious way, revered fashion designer Tom Ford had a defined auteur’s stamp before he ever so much as shot a frame of his debut film: from his louche advertising campaigns to his infamous curation of Vanity Fair’s 2007 Hollywood issue to the forms and textures of his designs themselves, Ford […]

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