Nice to be wrong: actresses who changed my mind

Posted by · 7:47 am · December 20th, 2008

Having been a film critic for more than a quarter of a century now (my God) and a film junkie for more than 40 years, I have never gotten over the joy of surprise when an actor or actress comes out of left field with a performance of such brilliance it eliminates every single bad […]

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INTERVIEW: Patrick Marber

Posted by · 12:17 am · February 6th, 2007

In some sense, playwright and screenwriter Patrick Marber could best be described as he endearingly refers to friend Daniel Craig: “He’s just a dude.” He sports a shock of black hair with hints of gray, looking still younger than his actual years. He’s fond of his cigarettes and has the same icy blue eyes as […]

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REVIEW: “Breaking and Entering” (***1/2)

Posted by · 1:52 am · September 10th, 2006

Anthony Minghella’s “Breaking and Entering” is one of the most sincerely penetrating films of the year.  It’s most unique quality is the sense of legroom it provides, a healthy stretch of a film with deep breaths and drawn out considerations, as opposed to the typical anxiety of temperamental manipulation (which all film tends to be […]

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