THE LONG SHOT: Critical mass

Posted by · 7:26 pm · December 9th, 2010

Guy’s updated Oscar predictions here. Just one week on from the first formal awards announcements of the season, the Oscar season may still be taking its first steps, but my personal interest in the precursor trail is nonetheless set to peak this very weekend. That, of course, is when the New York Film Critics Circle […]

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Getting carried away with ‘WALL-E’ and the LAFCA

Posted by · 5:33 am · December 10th, 2008

I have been griping about the state of the movie year since after the Toronto International Film Festival, and frankly I took some heat for bitching about it. So yes, I feel some vindication about the way the season is shaping up: 2008 is a hugely disappointing year at the movies, with only a handful […]

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