INTERVIEW: Dustin Hoffman

Posted by · 9:24 am · December 26th, 2008

He doesn’t seem like Dustin Hoffman for some reason.  He sounds like Dustin Hoffman.  He looks like him.  But there aren’t really any traces of his decades-long assemblage of characters.  And he’s got an approachability that seems somehow uncommon for a star of his stature. But there he is, piecing together a sandwich with arugula, […]

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THE LISTS: Top 10 films of the 1970s

Posted by · 11:42 am · November 18th, 2008

When critics and historians of the cinema sit down to discuss uh, cinema, the conversation almost always turns to the great decades in movie history. And n nearly conversation I’ve been a part of, the 1970s reigns supreme as the single decade of brilliance. It was a time of enormous artistic growth for film, as […]

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Who joins the great Best Picture snubs this year?

Posted by · 1:52 pm · May 9th, 2008

It happens every year, a great film, in some cases destined to be remembered more than the eventual Oscar winner is snubbed for a Best Picture nod, or gets nominated and loses to an inferior film that happened to capture the public’s attention at that particular point in history. Some of the greatest films of […]

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