In Contention was a film blog with a movie awards focus. Owner and editor-in-chief Kristopher Tapley launched the site in the summer of 2005 as a solo venture before later adding a number of contributors and building the outlet into a must-read destination for movie fans, Oscar obsessives and, most importantly, an audience eager to discuss the art and craft of cinema.

In 2011, In Contention was absorbed into the website HitFix (later acquired by Uproxx), where it thrived as one of the industry’s top awards season bookmarks. The site broke with HitFix in 2015 but lived on as a revered industry brand at Hollywood’s showbiz bible, Variety, until early 2019.

In Contention ceased publication on February 27, 2019.

Interviews, film reviews and up-to-date awards coverage carried In Contention through the season. Tapley’s “Off the Carpet” Oscar circuit column, an effort to sift through awards buzz from the inside on a weekly basis, ran every Monday (and later as “In Contention” every Tuesday in the pages of Variety). Guy Lodge’s “The Long Shot,” a thoughtfully removed perspective with an insightful point of view, ran every Wednesday from London.

The most unique aspect of the site’s contribution was its coverage of crafts categories and the unsung artisans of the industry. Gerard Kennedy’s weekly “Tech Support” column, which ran every Thursday, shined a spotlight on these individuals and trades. Lodge also offered a weekly “Page to Screen” column in the run-up to the annual awards season, providing commentary on the source materials of various adapted screenplay hopefuls.

Additionally, Tapley and Indiewire’s Anne Thompson produced the “Oscar Talk” podcast every Friday throughout the season, a weekly discussion of the twists and turns in the ever-evolving awards circuit.

In Contention Contributors
Kristopher Tapley (Los Angeles, CA/New York, NY)
Roth Cornet (Los Angles, CA)
Gregory Ellwood (Los Angeles, CA)
John Foote (Toronto, CA)
Chad Hartigan (Los Angeles, CA)
Gerard Kennedy (Toronto, CA)
Brian Kinsley (Los Angeles, CA)
Guy Lodge (London, UK)
Matthew Patches (New York, NY)
Blake Rutherford (Little Rock, AK)