1/19 OSCARWEB ROUND-UP: Affleck’s favorite heist films, Weinstein loves the Jets, Cameron going deep

Posted by · 8:02 am · January 19th, 2011

Ben Affleck’s writes up his 11 favorite heist movies. [Daily Beast]

The Jets game was the Weinstein priority on Sunday night, not the Globes. [Page Six]

Dave Karger gets frisky and sticks with Hailee Steinfeld in lead for his final predictions. [Inside Movies]

James Cameron planning a trip to the Pacific’s Mariana Trench for “Avatar” sequel? [The Guardian]

Elvis Mitchell, in his new critic stint, mostly loves “The Way Back” but rather misses the point of Jim Sturgess’s performance. [Movieline]

Nancy Mills sits down with one of the film’s stars, Ed Harris. [USA Today]

Gregory Ellwood chats with unsung star of “The King’s Speech,” Guy Pearce. [Awards Campaign]

With Sundance gearing up, Jen Yamato spotlights the films that began their long road to Oscar in Park City. [Movieline]

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  • 1 1-19-2011 at 11:22 pm

    Mr. Monkey said...

    I want to ask your opinion on something that’s been bothering me since monday…

    This whole thing about Ricky Gervais at the Globes has gone from mild complain to a deep analysis of the HFPA.

    Yes, Ricky went a little to far trying to roast every single presenter or relevant celebrity, but what’s really interesting is the reaction of the president of de HFPA.

    His words were “He can forget about us nominating any of his upcoming movies” and that would be fine if Gervais keeps doing bad films but what would happen if he ends up being one of the best of a future year?

    If this year’s nominations for everything in the Comedy or Musical category weren’t proof enough that the Globes have become a joke I think the comment of it’s own president seals the deal and shows that they DO take bribes, they do want the “ratings-bosting celebrities” in the show but most importantly the fact that they control wich movie gets nominated and wich one wins.

    For many years I was under the impression that the Globes were a little less stained that the Oscars on that matter but this has got me thinking what’s the point of getting excited about being nominated at all?

    congrats on the site, it is amazing and without brownnosing it has become my main info central for everything Oscar related and the podcast is my weekly obsession.

    Greetings from Mexico

  • 2 1-19-2011 at 11:38 pm

    Kristopher Tapley said...

    Absolutely. The pres really showed the organization’s colors by even joking about not nominating Gervais. Proves once and for all it’s about quid pro quo with them.