‘A Prophet’ takes nine César Awards

Posted by · 5:50 pm · February 27th, 2010

Tahar Rahim in A ProphetI know, I know … quelle surprise. One week after taking the BAFTA, Jacques Audiard’s “A Prophet” obliterated the competition at its home awards ceremony, the Césars. The foreign-language Oscar nominee took a massive nine awards, including honors for Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Actor and Supporting Actor.

Tahar Rahim was a double winner, in fact, adding a breakthrough award to his Best Actor win. (Well, obviously.) Benefitting from the fact that “A Prophet” had no lead actress was veteran star Isabelle Adjani. It’s nice to see a documentary win for the excellent “Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno,” but a Best Foreign Film win for “Gran Torino” is really pushing the Gallic adoration for Clint Eastwood a bit far.

“A Prophet,” of course, opened Stateside yesterday — if you haven’t seen it yet, rectify that. Read our interview with Audiard here. Full list of winners after the cut.

Best Film: “A Prophet”
Best Director: Jacques Audiard, “A Prophet”
Best Actor: Tahar Rahim, “A Prophet”
Best Actress: Isabelle Adjani, “Skirt Day”
Best Supporting Actor: Niels Arestrup, “A Prophet”
Best Supporting Actress: Emmanuelle Devos, “In the Beginning”
Best Original Screenplay: Jacques Audiard, Thomas Bidegain, Abdel Raouf Dafri and Nicolas Peufaillit, “A Prophet”
Best Adapted Screenplay: Stephane Brize and Florence Vignon, “Mademoiselle Chambon”
Best Foreign Film: “Gran Torino”
Best Documentary: “Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno”
Best First Film: “The French Kissers”
Best Breakthrough Actor: Tahar Rahim, “A Prophet”
Best Breakthrough Actress: Melanie Thierry, “One for the Road”
Best Original Score: Armand Amar, “The Concert”
Best Cinematography: Stephane Fontaine, “A Prophet”
Best Film Editing: Juliette Welfling, “A Prophet”
Best Art Direction: Michel Barthelemy, “A Prophet”
Best Costume Design: Catherine Leterrier, “Coco Before Chanel”
Best Sound: “The Concert”
Best Short Film: “It’s Free for Girls”

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  • 1 2-27-2010 at 6:12 pm

    Lance said...

    After seeing how much the critics love this film, I would not be slightly surprised if this one wins best foreign film. I LOVED the first 30 minutes of this film but the rest was just okay for me.

  • 2 2-27-2010 at 6:15 pm

    Jim T said...

    “Benefitting from the fact that “A Prophet” had no lead actress was veteran star Isabelle Adjani.”

    I love that your jokes look like sincere statements. Not that it’s not true. It’s exactly because it’s true that it’s funny.

    Very happy for Niels Arestrup. Of course, the Academy would never consider him (after all, Damon did an accent in an Eastwood film) but the sad thing is that they didn’t even have to think about it. It’s not really a quite performance, you know. He was eligible, right?

  • 3 2-27-2010 at 6:19 pm

    Jim T said...

    And about the sweep thing. On one hand, I get irritated that when they (any group of people) love a film, they give it almost every award but on the other hand, art is mainly about emotion, so it’s understandable (to a degree) that they can’t vote against the film they loved no matter the category.

  • 4 2-27-2010 at 6:32 pm

    Guy Lodge said...

    Sadly, “A Prophet” wasn’t eligible in any Oscar categories besides Best Foreign Language Film, given that it had no qualifying 2009 release in the U.S.

    Worse still, it won’t be eligible in other categories next year either, due to an idiotic Academy technicality that we discussed in another recent comment thread.

  • 5 2-27-2010 at 6:33 pm

    RandomThoughts said...

    Congrats to Audiard and crew!

  • 6 2-27-2010 at 6:36 pm

    Guy Lodge said...

    As for the sweep issue, I can’t really say without having seen more of the nominees, but I find it hard to argue against any of these wins for the film. I see some are raising eyebrows over the Art Direction win, but the work in the film is really rather spectacular — that entire prison is a set.

  • 7 2-27-2010 at 6:57 pm

    Jim T said...

    That is really impressive!

    But I was talking in general. You know, Slumdog-type situations. Though I understand your need to clarify. Some films become annoying by their awards dominance even when they deserve it.

  • 8 2-28-2010 at 5:20 am

    The Dude said...

    “a Best Foreign Film win for “Gran Torino” is really pushing the Gallic adoration for Clint Eastwood a bit far.”

    Nah, the French have been acknowledging great American films that Americans themselves fail to recognize for strange reasons and give proper acclaim for many decades now, and this is continuing the tradition.

  • 9 2-28-2010 at 5:26 am

    The Dude said...

    Of course, The Name of the Rose won Foreign Language Picture at the Césars over Hannah and Her Sisters, for example, proving the French have their share of bad decisions as well.

  • 10 2-28-2010 at 11:42 am

    Pete said...

    What won the short film category?

  • 11 2-28-2010 at 11:50 am

    Guy Lodge said...

    Oops, I must have accidentally cut that off. Amended now.

    The winner was “It’s Free for Girls.”

  • 12 3-01-2010 at 2:54 pm

    Bing147 said...

    The Name of the Rose is terrific.

    Anyway, nice choices mostly. Especially happy to see Emmanuelle Devos win an award, quite possibly my favorite working actress. Can’t wait to see her in this, I thought she was great in Coco Avant Chanel last year but that’s all I’ve seen her in for the year. I also am really looking forward to Rapt, Partir, Le Concert and Welcome of the nominees.