2/17 Oscarweb Round-up

Posted by · 9:29 am · February 17th, 2010

David Poland sits down with Mark Boal and, separately, Paul Ottosson and Ray Beckett to talk “The Hurt Locker.” [The Hot Blog]

Saoirse Ronan talks “The Lovely Bones” across the pond. [Daily Telegraph]

Chris Jones profiles Roger Ebert, the man and his thumbs. [Esquire]

Jon Landau says James Cameron is set to map out a prequel to “Avatar,” but in an epic novel rather than in a film. [MTV]

Meanwhile, Rebecca Keegan writes up a piece that is more about why “Avatar” SHOULD win the Oscar for film editing, rather than why it WILL win. [Little Gold Men]

Oscar® gets an official app. [Oscars.org]

Anne Thompson chats with T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham at the nominees luncheon. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Who serves mini hot dogs at a “Food, Inc.” event??? [Hollywood Elsewhere]

[Photo: Anthony Citrano]

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5 responses so far

  • 1 2-17-2010 at 9:56 am

    matsunaga said...

    Saoirse Ronan is the next big thing… she’s so beautiful and talented…

  • 2 2-17-2010 at 10:18 am

    Alex said...

    I think so too Mats, and for some reason i didnt even know she had another Joe Wright film coming up until a couple days ago when i read Cate Blanchett was cast in another movie. Then of course found out Ronan’s playing a teen assassin with Blanchett playing a CIA Agent/Villain, with Eric Bana in it aswell. So sounds like she’s got some good stuff coming up.

  • 3 2-17-2010 at 11:50 am

    M said...

    I agree with both of you. She is a rare find nowadays in that she is extremely talented unlike some of the young actresses that are constantly in the news *cough* Miley Cyrus and some of the other Disney & Nickelodeon ones.

    I am excited for her new movie esp with Blanchett who I really love. Hopefully she continues to get good roles, and be reckon with in the future.

  • 4 2-17-2010 at 12:49 pm

    Jason said...

    I would of prefered Saoirse nominated for Best Actress in The Lovely Bones rather than Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren just did another Helen Mirren performance she didn’t blow anybody away or impress that many people. Saoirse should of been nominated instead. Sure I understand the critics because I too loved the book & missed the parts they cut out for the movie. But Saoirse’s performance is one of the best of the year if not the best.

  • 5 2-18-2010 at 10:14 am

    matsunaga said...

    I can’t agree more with you Jason, she was one of the saving grace of The Lovely Bones aside from Stanley Tucci. It’s nice to hear that news Alex, not that I’m a fan, but the first time I watched her in Atonement, I know that she will do good. Anyway, I bet you also knew that she will be on a comeback film by Peter Weir this year… That itself is something to look forward to…