Maggie Gyllenhaal’s campaign shifts gears to supporting

Posted by · 2:54 pm · December 18th, 2009

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Crazy HeartSpeaking of “Crazy Heart,” I’ve been told that Maggie Gyllenhaal’s campaign for the film has been (smartly) shifted from lead actress to supporting actress.  One can only expect that the original (in my opinion, false) perspective that the lead actress field was “weak” had something to do with the original placement.  But I’ve always been of the mind that the film is about Bad Blake and that a co-lead argument doesn’t gel here.

The performance was submitted to the Screen Actors Guild as a lead, while the HFPA designated it a lead for their purposes as well.  The Academy, of course, can vote how they choose, but I think this part naturally pops out as a supporting one and that any votes will likely go there anyway.

It’s also a bit encouraging that Gyllenhaal had some modest support in the early stages of the NYFCC’s voting last week.  But the question is, can she make the cut?  And I actually think there is a shot here, to be honest.

The supporting actress category is in flux, I feel.  No one but Mo’Nique and Anna Kendrick is secure.  Vera Farmiga is also quite likely.  But no announcement has really had an impact on the rest of the field.  Penelope Cruz, maybe.  Probably, in fact, but then what if “Nine” gets a big cold shoulder across the board?  Julianne Moore is still a possibility, and Diane Kruger, despite the SAG nod, probably won’t play a part here.

So…why not?  Critics are more and more in the film’s corner, and its frankly unfair relegation to an “actors’ piece” could actually help out in this instance.  I really do think it could be a fringe Best Picture spoiler, but at the end of the day, the chemistry sparked up between Bridges and Gyllenhaal is intriguing, authentic and rather touching at times, so I think we might want to keep an eye out here.

I sat down for breakfast with Gyllenhaal last week and haven’t had a chance to properly write up an interview, but this seems as good a place as any to just offer up the audio of that, so give it a listen below.


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  • 1 12-18-2009 at 3:33 pm

    Paul Outlaw said...

    In other Best Actress race news, The New York Times (Darghis!), LA Times and Chicago Sun-Times (Ebert) gave thumbs up to The Young Victoria today. LA Times went nuts for Blunt; Ebert called her “irresistible” and posed the question: “Why do so many actresses get their Oscar nominations by playing whores or queens?”

    If Blunt were to actually get in, is it bye-bye to Mirren or (knock on wood) Bullock?

  • 2 12-18-2009 at 3:48 pm

    The InSneider said...

    Gyllenhaal was better than Moore, in my opinion, although I have a reverse take on the films themselves. Plus the Acad could want to make it up to her for past snubs (Sherrybaby, Secretary)…

    Is it safe to assume that BOTH women from Up in the Air will be nominated along with Mo’Nique and likely SOMEONE from Nine, leaving one spot up for grabs…

    I’d like to see Melanie Laurent, or possibly Zoe Saldana personally.

  • 3 12-18-2009 at 3:57 pm

    Andrew said...

    I agree with Paul, Blunt will take Mirren’s spot. The Young Victoria even got better reviews than Nine. It has higher scores in both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Nine fanboys are probably in coma now.

  • 4 12-18-2009 at 4:02 pm

    aspect ratio said...

    Unless the film enjoys a massive surge on the whole, as in reaching Best Picture nod potential, I’d say this is too little, too late.

  • 5 12-18-2009 at 4:34 pm

    Esteban said...

    Blunt and Mirren will probably get BAFTA noms and that should set Blunt up for a possible Oscar nom taking Bullock’s spot.

  • 6 12-18-2009 at 4:43 pm

    BenitoDelicias said...

    She has a shot I think. Moore is the more vulnerable one. Cruz seems to be getting confortable in that category but the lack of support for the movie might open the spot for Gyllenhaal too.

    I don’t think it’s too little to late because she’s peaking at the right time even though she will go on with zero previous support which can be blamed on category placement.

    By the time Oscar nods come in it’ll also be a general feeling that Nine didn’t deliver so Cruz might get hurt. Moore will have been seen more so people might decide that it’s actually not enough and it was a small group that was pushing her through. I’ve read she’s not that good and the performance is small.

    So Gyllenhaal could step in. New or bigger support for Basterds might push Laurent in since they decide on category for themselves. And Woody might help Morton in too, let’s not forget she has gotten in twice for performances not that many people saw and not that many people predicted.

    I think MoNique, Farmiga and Kendrick are safe.

    If there’s gonna be a surprise it’s gonna be here. The other three categories seem to be in place.

  • 7 12-18-2009 at 5:07 pm

    Jim T said...

    “Blunt and Mirren will probably get BAFTA noms and that should set Blunt up for a possible Oscar nom taking Bullock’s spot.”

    So Hitler will beat Mussolini? :p

  • 8 12-18-2009 at 7:25 pm

    Adrianna said...

    If Gyllenhaal’s role is more supporting, this would be a great way to show appreciation for this excellent actress and her performance.

    It seems that both Marion Cotillard and Melanie Laurent should be in this category too. And if people are crazy for Emily Blunt, why not look at her supporting turn in Sunshine Cleaning? Also deserving and missing from the conversation is Rosamund Pike in An Education.

  • 9 12-19-2009 at 11:26 am

    Mike_M said...

    Good move, saw this film on Thursday, thought it was fantastic!

  • 10 12-19-2009 at 11:53 am

    JJ said...

    Maybe Supp. Actress will look like:

    Cotillard – Voters may right themselves.
    Farmiga – Deserved.
    Gyllenhaal – Correct category.
    Kendrick – Deserved.
    Monique – Deserved.
    with Moore, Morton, Cruz, & Weaver dangling off.

  • 11 12-20-2009 at 7:06 am

    Bonnie said...

    I could see Benito Delicias’s post coming true, at least I hope it does. I just feel that with the lag in the time the voters actually get to vote will hurt some potential nominees like “Nine” and Julianne Moore, and help others perhaps like Maggie Gyllenhaal and “The Messenger”.

    I think TWC could have ruled the supporting actress category, but now because Marion Cotillard and Melanie Laurent seem stuck in leading, I’m not sure if anyone from “Nine” or “Inglourious Basterds” will be nominated in supporting actress because of too much internal competiton and category confusion letting other people slip in.

    Then, there’s Moore who at least doesn’t have to worry about internal competition, but she didn’t get that SAG nomination when usually they love her, and it doesn’t seem like her part really amounts to much. It’s fun, but perhaps not nomination worthy.

    I’m not sure whether to stick with Morton in my predictions now since she didn’t show up at the Globes or SAG, even in ensemble at the latter awards, but I think Woody could pull her in since with her other nominations, she’s always been nominated with a co-star. Plus, she didn’t get much precursor love for her other nominations either.

    If Gyllenhaal had been campaigned supporting from the start, I think she would have been in because she feels like one of those actors that they’ve been dying to nominate finally, but I don’t know if it will be too late now. It could be just the Jeff Bridges show, or they might nominate both of them in tandem.

    However, besides Mo’Nique, Anna Kendrick, and Vera Farmiga, although the latter not as much as the first two, I think the category is still wide open.