Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ from ‘2012’

Posted by · 6:55 am · October 20th, 2009

So this is the song that Brian May was praising to the high heavens. Okie dokie. If this were the mid-1990s, we might be looking at a nomination. But, as it is…nah.

(Courtesy: Vulture)

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  • 1 10-20-2009 at 8:49 am

    Ryan said...

    I agree. Not that it’s bad per se. Not at all. It’s just apart from the 30 seconds segment in 3:02-3:32 most of the song sounded like it was an American Idol single… which isn’t really high praise to be honest.

    Though I can already hear the song used in a bunch of holiday/end-of-year specials.

  • 2 10-20-2009 at 11:14 am

    Ross said...

    It probably won’t be eligible anyway. The songwriter passed away long before Adam Lambert even auditioned for Idol (so, it wasn’t written specifically for the film).

  • 3 10-25-2009 at 7:30 pm

    Wendy said...

    The song suits this movie perfectly, so why would anyone be judging it so harshly. I think it is a beautiful song, a lot better than what there is on airing at the moment. Adam is a genius and we should all be pleased that he got to sing such an epic song. Who cares if it is nominated or not. Just sit back and enjoy this talented artist sing his heart out.