7/15 Web Round-up

Posted by · 8:11 am · July 15th, 2009

Quentin TarantinoAlex Pappademas talks “Inglourious Basterds” with Quentin Tarantino the day following David Carradine’s death. [GQ]

How producer Don Murphy turned and online tiff into a novel option. [The Big Picture]

Eight blatantly misleading movie posters.  Hear, hear on “Reign of Fire.”  Never felt so burned… [Empire]

Robert Duvall: “Francis Ford Coppola made my career.” [CNN]

Are the “Harry Potter” stars victims of stunt casting?  “Victims?” [The Guardian]

indieWIRE turns 13.  Huzzah! [indieWIRE]

Differentiating the Green Lantern and the Green Hornet for the Jeff Wellses of the world. [Movieline]

Which type-cast baddies has the most evil-soaked resume ever? [Premiere]

Talking to the NYC Harry Potter committed. [New York Daily News]

Fool’s errand: bemoaning overriding critical opinion.  Who cares? [Beyond the Multiplex]

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