7/2 Web round-up

Posted by · 8:11 am · July 2nd, 2009

Michael BayMichael Bay is a drug. [First Showing]

Three years after stirring trouble regaring the on-set particulars of “Miami Vice,” Kim Masters decides to take aim at Michael Mann once again with speculation and anonymous quotes. [The Daily Beast]

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein seems to be making a transition to film critic, calls “Public Enemies” the start of the 2009 Oscar race. [The Daily Beast]

Elliot J. Gorn questions the historical accuracy of the film, fails to understand compositing, artistic license. [Slate]

Headline of the month: “Tippi Hedren tells Michael Jackson’s former pet tigers of his death.” [The Guardian]

Attempting to steer coverage slightly away from commerce, Eugene Hernandez introduces a new, David Hudson-inspired column aggregation column.  Not exactly novel to the net but certainly to the outlet. [indieWIRE]

Geoff Boucher sits down with Guillermo Del Toro. [Hero Complex]

The 10 most clever bank robberies in movies. [Spout Blog]

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