Original ‘Batman’ producer looks back

Posted by · 4:57 pm · June 26th, 2009

Michael UslanOn Tuesday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Tim Burton’s “Batman” around these parts with a personal retrospective.  There are a number of similar remembrances around the web, many of them linked in that entry, but one guy who really deserves a “huzzah” this week is film producer, pop culture professor and all around comic book geek Michael Uslan.

Uslan, as he notes in this interview piece with Batman On Film’s Bill Ramey, is actually celebrating his 30th anniversary where “Batman” is considered this year.  After all, he toiled through the Hollywood system to see his vision of the character to the screen for 10 years before anyone would take him, and the Caped Crusader, seriously.

20 years later, of course, the rest is history.  Uslan exchanges a number of anecdotes with Ramey, specifically the marketing frenzy around the film that would really only be topped by “The Dark Knight” 19 years later.  One memory in particular, an intersection of commerce and political struggle, was particularly amazing, I thought.

Says Uslan:

One of the great moments that I had during that whole experience was the night that The Berlin Wall came down. I was home and watching it on TV like everyone else in the world – it must have been something like 1:30 in the morning. People were just running through the wall and into freedom from the first times in their lives. Then, coming through a piece of the broken Berlin Wall, was this West Berlin kid wearing a BATMAN movie hat! Mindboggling!

It’s a solid interview and a nice trip down memory lane with one of the film’s principal parties.  Check out the rest here.

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