‘Bruno’ cut out of respect to Jackson

Posted by · 2:16 pm · June 26th, 2009

LaToya JacksonWell, that was quick. The Guardian reports that, following the coinciding events of last night’s “Bruno” premiere and Michael Jackson’s tragic passing, a hasty — and possibly permanent — cut has been to the film. The scene in question pits Sacha Baron Cohen against Jackson’s sister LaToya:

The offending scene features Cohen, in the guise of Brüno, attempting to find Michael Jackson’s phone number on LaToya’s BlackBerry. After Brüno reads aloud what he claims to be the singer’s number, an apparently enraged LaToya terminates the interview and storms off the set. Reports suggest that the scene will not be restored for its official release on 10 July.

It would appear that the scene isn’t particularly derogatory about the late superstar, but the powers that be at Universal decided to remove it “out of respect to Jackson’s family.” Fair enough.

However, Jeffrey Wells, who has seen the film with the scene intact, thinks it’s an overreaction:

I’ve seen the scene and it’s very mild. It doesn’t slag Michael Jackson — it merely pokes at the notion of his worldwide fame. LaToya is made fun of but who cares about that? I wouldn’t cut it if I were Universal. Stick to your satirical guns, guys! Stand with Sacha and let the Jacksons eat cake.

Wells states that Universal publicity won’t offer comment just yet on whether the scene will eventually be reinstated — burying it altogether sounds a bit drastic to me, but then I have no idea how comically invaluable the scene actually is. If it’s one of the film’s throwaways, that’s kind of what DVD extras were made for.

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  • 1 6-26-2009 at 3:04 pm

    Seany P said...

    Weren’t there a few movies that cut out scenes with the twin towers in them just after 9/11. specifically the scene in spiderman where these bankrobbers were stopped in a helicopter by a spiderweb between the two towers and the scene was cut….it wasn’t offensive but I guess they thought it would be best to leave it out

  • 2 6-26-2009 at 3:54 pm

    A.J said...

    that was simply a trailer pulled off the air. It was never, ever part of the movie. A better example would be the dramatic changes that happened to The Time Machine.

  • 3 6-26-2009 at 4:27 pm

    Seany P said...

    not to go off topic…..but what happened in the time machine…i mean what were the changes

  • 4 6-27-2009 at 12:00 pm

    THE DiegoOrtiz said...

    No problem with me. Just put it in the dvd.

    Reminds me of the video game Metal Gear Solid 2. It came out 2 months after 9/11. The ending got changed cause it involved the destruction of half of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.