5/22 Web Round-up

Posted by · 9:19 am · May 22nd, 2009

Alfred HitchcockDevin Faraci talks to “Terminator Salvation” star Moon Bloodgood, whose nude scene probably should have stayed in the film.  No, I’m not a perv, but…well, you tell me if you believe the relationship that develops. [CHUD]

Ian Freer wishes a happy 10th birthday to “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phanom Menace.” [Empire]

If it’s good for the ladies it’s good for the boys.  Alonso Duralde on Dylan Vox, the latest adult film star to follow in Sasha grey’s footsteps and bridge the gap to mainstream films. [MSNBC]

Jamin Borphy-Warren talks to Mike Judge about his latest animated foray, “The Goode Family.” [Wall Street Journal]

The great (yes, the great) Shane Black talks to Sam Delaney about what makes a good action film. [The Guardian]

Talking the machine uprising depicted in the “Terminator” franchise with a military technology expert. [Slate]

Speaking of which, the newly named SyFy channel could be in an opportune position to pick up the recently canceled “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” [Premiere]

John Walsh on the timeless Alfred Hitchcock, whose work will be enjoying a tele retrospective across the pond. [The Independent]

Susan Wloszczyna digs into the risks of Pixar’s 10th entry, “Up.” [USA Today]

3D at home: awesome or awful? [Cinematical]

Big ole’ rumor that stems from a /Film commenter, but some are saying the cute pink teddy bear you’ll catch a glimpse of in “Up” is named Lotso and will be the villain in next year’s “Toy Story 3.” [Pixar Planet]

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