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Posted by · 11:08 am · May 17th, 2009

In trying to disentangle the order of Martin Scorsese’s upcoming projects (in the wake of this week’s news that the master is taking on Sinatra), AwardsDaily’s Ryan Adams takes a peek at the range of titles that IMDB Pro lists on the director’s slate.

I am mistrustful of IMDB’s information at the best of times, particularly with a director like Scorsese who seems to nurture multiple projects indefinitely. (For how many years has “Silence” been in the conversation, after all?) But I was intrigued and a little puzzled to see an optioned property titled “Cache” at the head of the list, with a projected date of 2011.

Is this the long-mooted American remake Michael Haneke’s 2005 masterpiece, or is it unrelated? (There’s no accent aigu on the title, after all.) Can anyone enlighten me? I remember recoiling in horror when Ron Howard was mentioned in connection with the project a few years ago. Scorsese is obviously a step up, but a remake — by anyone — of Haneke’s very idiosyncratic film still strikes me as a dicey prospect, given how rooted it is in a very specific historical and political context.

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  • 1 5-17-2009 at 1:48 pm

    red_wine said...

    Not related, but here is another case of misleading the audience.

    US poster for Chéri.
    Of course the acute has been dropped from the e, and the poster seems to be pimping a Kate Hudson type sexy romantic comedy. It doe not even seem like a period piece in this poster.

  • 2 5-17-2009 at 11:37 pm

    Troy said...

    Movie is, like you said, a masterpiece. I hope no one touches it.