I don’t want my MTV

Posted by · 4:01 pm · May 4th, 2009

Anne Hathaway in Bride WarsWhat do Paramore, The Rock and Kate Winslet have in common? Why, they’re all nominees for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, of course. Like, duh.

I have no idea what the MTV Movie Awards are for. Nobody knows or cares who wins them. (Who took Best Actor laurels last year? I doubt Will Smith could tell you — and he won, for Chrissake.)

Subject to public vote, they serve largely as a popularity contest along the lines of People’s Choice honours — but then they taint the purity of such a credo by throwing in a mention for something incongruously credible like “Milk.” (In the prestigious Best Kiss category, to boot — how honoured Gus Van Sant must feel.)

Anyway, this year’s nominees are a typically ill-thought and ill-fitting bunch. “Twilight” leads the race, closely followed by “Slumdog Millionaire,” which should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the awards. They claim that the nominations were also determined by the public, though I have a hard time believing that the same people who decreed Vin Diesel a Best Actor contender for “Fast & Furious” also voted Kate Winslet in for “The Reader.”

Speaking of which, there’s a delicious hint of Bizarro World in the Best Actress category, which finds Anne Hathaway repeating her nomination success at the Academy Awards — except, wait, it’s for “Bride Wars,” not “Rachel Getting Married.” Riiight. Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, finds herself in the race for “Wanted” rather than “Changeling” — though that’s a preference I heartily endorse.

One thing is worth noting, however: even the bloody MTV Awards could be bothered to nominate Bruce Springsteen’s “The Wrestler” theme. The Academy will never live that one down. (Check out the MTV nods here, if you dare.)

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  • 1 5-04-2009 at 4:29 pm

    M.Harris said...

    If your not going to take yourself to seriously by nominating Vin Diesel for “Fast & Furious” then go all the way to the absurd side with the show.Hell pit him against John Cena “The Marine” Aston Kutcher “What Happens in Vegas” and Ice Cube “The Longshots.”

  • 2 5-04-2009 at 5:41 pm

    Bill said...

    The caption on Milk’s best kiss nom:

    “These two clearly don’t shy away from a little PDA”


  • 3 5-04-2009 at 6:11 pm

    katie said...

    me too, the silent fox in “Wanted” was so much better than the weeping saint in “Changeling”

  • 4 5-04-2009 at 6:58 pm

    Seany P said...

    I have been studying the race for best WTF moment for quite some time now and I have to say that I am very pleased with the nominations that have occured. I must say that this category has carried a large amount of culture in cinema. The finest way to determine a WTF is to truly feel how much W is represented in the degree of F that is given. I truly think that The Naked Break Up has given the best amount of W in relation to F, through Jason Segel’s member being shown for that brief second on screen. I will support this scene and hope to hear good news for that particular moment.

  • 5 5-04-2009 at 9:19 pm

    R.J. said...

    I don’t know anyone who thinks the MTV Movie Awards are “worth” anything, but we watch them anyway because they’re (occasionally) fun. Part of the fun is in the absurdity of it all, where else could ALL of these names find themselves in competition with each other with the likeliest occurrence being that the most talented people will lose to professional wrestlers or talking dogs? It’s stupid, it’s crap, but it’s also kinda funny.

  • 6 5-04-2009 at 11:57 pm

    Neel Mehta said...

    Not really sure why one would get worked up over the MTV Movie Awards. It’s not even relevant enough to be irreverent anymore.

    At this point, the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards is a better, more popular, and more sophisticated indicator of what the young people want.

  • 7 5-05-2009 at 12:41 am

    Alex said...

    “I have a hard time believing that the same people who decreed Vin Diesel a Best Actor contender for “Fast & Furious” also voted Kate Winslet in for “The Reader.””

    Have you seen The Reader? This makes perfect sense.

  • 8 5-05-2009 at 1:58 am

    Guy Lodge said...

    Haha. I’m not saying “The Reader” is particularly good. Let me emphasise that!

    And Neel, I’m not getting worked up at all. I just think they’re hilariously odd.

  • 9 5-07-2009 at 8:19 am

    Blaire said...

    These MTV awards are not meant to be taken seriously. Your constant snide comments and bias against Jolie is sickening. I know most of the world shares that ignorant and wrong mentality because of the constant misportrayal
    and spin the media circulates against them. She is no homewrecker and the actress you foolishly adore is the true manipulative mastermind, liar,
    and cruel tyrant who cheaply impersonates
    an honest & respectable person worthy of such high opinions when she completely got the image due to her association with a true movie star and great guy who is now so deeply misunderstood & wrongly despised. The sad truth is nobody can prove what is real and right.

    Why can’t you ever check your bias on the door?
    You love to trash Jolie and add that to your professional opinion. I’ve seen it on various websites. You don’t impose your personal beliefs
    in judgement of other celeb’s films but your bias
    against her is overwhelming. It is a disgrace how deeply nearly everbody is part of that cycle of
    believing and spreading extreme inaccuracies & misportrayals because they spitefully gobbled
    up a pseudo-scandal that your sweetheart continues to exploit and profit from like the press. Never mind the various lies from her,
    clear insincerity, and millions of signs from
    the media of a bias and constant deception that
    nearly made everybody join that lynch mob.

    Jolie is a fine, underrated actress who has great potential. Her performance in Changeling was
    sublime. I really felt the pain, empathy, and various emotions she projected. I know it doesn’t matter how good she is in a movie.
    She could act her heart out and you will just
    blindly declare it is “overwrought” or “meh”,
    two adjectives you use often in regards to her acting. You were even cold enough to smash
    her acting A Mighty Heart as overwrought.
    Then you staged a backlash against The Changeling and encouraged flamers to dismiss
    the movie as soon as there was award buzz. That
    bias ended up killing it. You need to stop staging unfounded backlashes against actors for personal reasons, especially since your reasons
    are illegitimate and based on media gossip.
    No other celeb has to deal with this and it is
    deeply unjust. Instead you gush over a real
    fraud who has had nothing but a negative impact with her manipulating and deluding people for her self-interest and by ridding the coattails
    of superior humans. She is also a mediocre
    actress with limited range and not a beauty in the least. You seem to buy fully into the contrary image of her. These MTV awards are not a popularity contest, if that was the case,
    Jolie wouldn’t have been nominated. The nominees are picked by a small forum to generate buzz. The show even had a skit that publicly humiliated her by throwing that tabloid accusation in her face. In the past, nobody would have dared publicly taunt and degrade somebody over an accusation that came clearly as the result of calculated gossip. Other actresses have been in that similar situation
    but the misperceived victims were not despicable enough to make people think the betrayal or scandal was real. Not to mention, the many real homewrecking women in Hollywood never had to deal with that kind of bias, backlash, or disapproval because the media
    and Hollywood is not genuinely offended by it
    but then they suddenly turn self-righetous to sell a story against a woman who worked hard to reform herself and a likeable man who actually is real & has morals. But only moral people can detect the minority of people in our corrupt world who have a strong conscience and good soul. Somebody who could have had a real positive influence in our screwed-up society was
    destroyed over false allegations. The media will try to set-up that kind of pseudo-scandal again,
    it is easier than you think. Other celebs have been stuck in it the past but they manage to rebound. People gave the benefit of the doubt
    because they understand the corruption and
    absurdities of the gossip mill and how it can conflict with real life to create a misunderstanding. That kind of accusation and
    set-up was actually quite common. 2005 was the first year the media was actually able to officially wreck people’s reputations and make good people unfounded targets of ruthless spin.
    They were able to accomplish that because of Aniston’s cunning and manipulation which basically took advantage of the situation. Now she will always have such power over the media
    and people’s minds. She will always be an A-lister and the ideal image.

    I know I went off-topic. I know nothing could ever change your mind because the barrier of truth just has been completely blocked from you. You have been brainwashed and you probably all of the negative things you read.
    I see the same ugliness and bias applied to his movies. Quit being political and don’t let your
    personal bias affect your judgement and buzz
    regarding movies. It is very unprofessional and wrong.

  • 10 5-07-2009 at 9:02 am

    Guy Lodge said...

    Wow, someone has a lot of time on their hands. But thanks for going to so much effort — I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    If you read a little more carefully, you might have noticed that the only opinion I offered of Jolie in this piece is that she’s better in “Wanted” (where I think she’s terrific, for what it’s worth) than in “Changeling.”

    I don’t believe I have ever mentioned Jolie’s personal life on the site, and certainly not in any negative capacity. There’s a reason for that: I’m not remotely interested in it.

    But hey, thanks for suggesting that I have the power and influence to singlehandedly stage a global backlash that ends up “killing” an entire movie. That’s quite flattering.