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Posted by · 6:36 pm · March 22nd, 2009

(from left) Marcia Gay Harden and Hope Davis in the Broadway production of God of CarnageFrom AP drama critic Michael Kuchwara on the Broadway production of “God of Carnage”:

The real revelation of the evening, though, is Harden, usually seen in much more somber roles such as her Oscar-winning performance as Lee Krasner in the film “Pollack.” In “Carnage,” she undergoes the play’s most startling transformation — from quiet, considerate woman concerned about such tragedies as Darfur to a bellowing harridan who’s not above throwing a punch or two. It’s one of those swell, showy comic portraits that has Tony nomination (and probably the prize, too) written all over it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I pretty much agree with every word written here.  But I just wish Hope Davis’s slow burn (which simmers a bit more than Harden’s fireworks display) had garnered more than broad priase like “delicious self-effacement that hides a simmering rage” and an aside about one moment of showmanship that really says less about the character than most everything that precedes it.

But, like I said…I’m in love.  Perhaps I’m biased.  There’s also this great Arts & Leisure piece on Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini, worth a look.

Anyway, with theater on the mind, I’ve been shamed by the fact that “August: Osage County” has eluded me since it debuted in Chicago and New York two years ago, but I finally caught up with it this afternoon…and it makes me want to put down my pen, take up a different line of work.  Depressingly brilliant piece.

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    Frank Lee said...

    I agree with you completely about the Tracy Letts play, “August: Osage County.” It is brilliant, and it makes you feel unworthy, or that your own efforts are pointless.