Congrats to a friend

Posted by · 6:37 pm · March 8th, 2009

I haven’t yet addressed IC friend John Campea (editor of The Movie Blog) and his recently completed feature “The Anniversary,” but allow me to do so now.

Anyone who knows how hard it is to get a feature film together knows that the mere accomplishment (regardless of quality) deserves a big pat on the back.  I’ve been happy to sit back and watch old friends succeed so far: Aaron Katz and 2007’s “Quiet City,” Chad Hartigan and last year’s “Luke and Brie are on a First Date,” and now, Campea’s flick.  It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to get out from behind the computer monitor and jump back onto the set.

Read up on Campea’s production here.  A lot of fortunate winds blew his way on this, but he also had a hell of a head on his shoulders (as always).  A solid cast, a wonderful crew and a savvy producer (’s Robert Sanchez) went a long way, but it takes something special to stick it out as the guy in charge when it comes to a business as taxing as this one.  I told him in private at a recent wrap party for the film at L.A.’s Golden Apple Comics, but allow me to do so in public now: huzzah.

Keep an eye on the cineplexes in the next year or so.  “The Anniversary” should be coming your way soon enough.

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