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Posted by · 6:54 am · February 19th, 2009

Gene Siskel

Gene died ten years ago on February 20, 1999. He is in my mind almost every day. I don’t want to rehearse the old stories about how we had a love/hate relationship, and how we dealt with television, and how we were both so scared the first time we went on Johnny Carson that, backstage, we couldn’t think of the name of a single movie, although that story is absolutely true. Those stories have been told. I want to write about our friendship. The public image was that we were in a state of permanent feud, but nothing we felt had anything to do with image. We both knew the buttons to push on the other one, and we both made little effort to hide our feelings, warm or cold. In 1977 we were on a talk show with Buddy Rogers, once Mary Pickford’s husband, and he said, “You guys have a sibling rivalry, but you both think you’re the older brother.”

From Roger Ebert’s recent appreciation of Gene Siskel, who died 10 years ago tomorrow.

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  • 1 2-19-2009 at 8:14 am

    Ben said...

    Very moving and poignant, especially considering Ebert’s own brushes with mortality in recent years.

  • 2 2-19-2009 at 8:24 am

    Zac said...

    I’ve always wonder what Gene would have thought of the Star Wars prequels and the Lord of the Rings trilogy; hell, what he would have thought of all the movies that have come out the last 10 years.

    Too bad, the show will never come out on DVD in season sets. The costs would be astronomical.

  • 3 2-19-2009 at 2:52 pm

    BurmaShave said...

    Zac, not sure if you’re aware but there’s actually a fairly enormous archive of their reviews on AttheMoviestv.com, and there’s also a lot of fairly good stuff from the 80s on YouTube.

  • 4 2-19-2009 at 4:09 pm

    Zac said...

    I’m well aware of the archive and YouTube reviews; I was just wishfully thinking.

    Too bad more DVDs didn’t have the Ebert & Siskel(Roeper) reviews on them. I know of the Blue Velvet one. Any others?

  • 5 2-19-2009 at 6:08 pm

    /3rtfu11 said...

    pulp fiction – the trantino generation

    jackie brown – original review