Posted by · 5:02 am · February 13th, 2009

Mickey goes all soft and mushy on us, if this soundbite from the BAFTA after-party is anything to go by:

“Sean Penn is a good friend of mine. When I was down and out he got hold of me and told me exactly what to do and what not to do. I owe him so much that I hope he wins the award.

“I wanted to be as big as Al Pacino. I thought my acting ability was enough so I didn’t play by the rules, I ignored all the politics, I upset people and in the end I lost everything. Now I am back and I am going to stay with this work ethic until I die.”

The thing is, I actually believe him when he says he’s backing Penn. I still think Rourke’s going to sneak the win, though.

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    Robert Hamer said...

    Here’s to hoping that Mickey is WRONG because this is his award!