How can you say no to this guy?

Posted by · 5:05 pm · February 9th, 2009

MIckey Rourke at the 2009 BAFTA Awards

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  • 1 2-11-2009 at 2:23 pm

    Mike V. said...

    Great, Mickey Rourke should win for playing himself. After all, things like that will be forgotten pretty soon.

  • 2 2-11-2009 at 2:30 pm

    John said...

    Well, I didn’t like Rourke’s performance. I think Langella or Penn should win. My personal favourite is Penn but Langella was incredible too.

    I don’t understand the hate for non-Rourke fans in this board. Call me insane but I didn’t see any wonderful thing about his performance. Marisa Tomei was awful too. She looked amateur-ish.

    I don’t agree with the guy/girl that said that playing someone similar to yourself is something brave. That’s not acting. I would like to see Rourke in a role like Sean Penn’s Harvey Milk just to see if he can pull it off. He can’t, obviously. His range is limited. It’s a shame that Stallone turned down The Wrestler’s leading role. I feel Rourke is still playing the “Ram”, just look at that stupid picture.

  • 3 2-11-2009 at 2:42 pm

    Kristopher Tapley said...

    There is NO hate for non-Rourke fans, John. Go back and look for where the actual vitriol began…