Christian Bale flips out on the set of ‘Terminator Salvation’

Posted by · 2:48 pm · February 2nd, 2009

Christian BaleIt must have bubbled up inside Christian Bale real good and hot for him to lose his shit like this.  TMZ broke the story (hate to link to them, but this is spicy stuff).

Apparently “Terminator Salvation” D.P. Shane Hurlbut wasn’t being sensitive enough to Bale’s acting process, walking around and being somewhat distracting off camera during a scene between Bale and Bryce Dallas Howard, and Bale went off like a friggin’ fireworks display.

The best part is when he sounds like he’s literally going to get up and go beat the living hell out of Hurlbut toward the end of the tape.  I can’t really hear what’s going on in the background, but judging from Bale’s reaction, Hurlbut must have been stating his case a little too much for the actor’s taste, or perhaps he was egging him on in some way, I can’t tell.  But jeez, talk about a testy moment.  My guess is the “Shut the f— up, Bruce” comment is aimed at 1st A.D. Bruce Franklin (the toughest job on any film set).  This incident happened just before his London arrest, apparently, but the audio just made it out today.

After Bale’s recent legal troubles, something like this is bound to add to the gathering snowball that paints him as a hot head, a loose cannon, whatever.  I’ve met him a couple of times, and he’s certainly a serious fellow.  But he’s also got a sense of humor buried in there that is quite hysterical.  Then again, you can always sense he could quite easily be on the verge of snapping like a twig and going atomic on someone’s ass.

I hope Hurlbut made it out alive.

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  • 1 2-06-2009 at 5:59 am

    Dr. Wu said...

    Where’s McG during all of this? He’s the director. Five seconds into Bale’s hissy fit, he should have said “shut the f— up, you whiny little bitch.”

  • 2 2-06-2009 at 10:57 am

    GOP said...

    I actually understand Bale’s outburst. I would be royally pissed if I were doing a millionth take and trying to concentrate over and over and some asst dir of photography is dismissive of my work and instead of seriously apologizing…makes rationalizations for disrespecting the actors during a scene. I would be hotter than july myself.

  • 3 5-11-2009 at 10:30 pm

    Hector said...

    Ok maybe he is prick!!! But come on, cut him some slack jack!!!! This film is about to seem epic, he has a lot of preasure, the third one was complete bullshit with a john connor that has no style and actitude, he wanted to do a great job. If u were doin’ some job that you need to improve better and someone fucks it up, you’ll be mad to.