Pitt, Fincher do Charlie Rose

Posted by · 1:27 pm · December 29th, 2008

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  • 1 12-29-2008 at 4:20 pm

    alyanna said...

    i love it. thanks kris for posting. makes me more appreciate this great film from master david fincher.

  • 2 12-29-2008 at 4:31 pm

    Mr. Gittes said...

    I dunno…seems like Fincher doesn’t know why he did the film. Where’s the, uh, enthusiasm?

  • 3 12-29-2008 at 5:43 pm

    Speaking English said...

    Enthusiasm? Have you ever watched Charlie Rose? Everyone who goes on there looks like they wanna off themselves. Something about being stuck in a deep, black void in oblivion, with nowhere to run and no place to hide, confined to your seat for an hour and forced to be interrogated by an odd, sleepy, unappealing man whose questions seem to evoke the same lack of interest as the eventual answers just isn’t all that attractive.

  • 4 12-29-2008 at 6:45 pm

    Friend-o said...

    Speaking English wins my favorite thing I’ve read all year award.

  • 5 12-29-2008 at 10:33 pm

    McGuff said...

    Sadly, it’s one of the few environments where we can get anyone in the business to talk film for an hour. If nothing else, I appreciate the Hour for that.

    I just read the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story today, because I found “Benjamin Button” still going about in my head. While the idea that Eric Roth only took Fitzgerald’s idea of “unaging” (as Fitzgerald calls it) is incorrect — he’s impressively taken a few small things here and there, like framing the story around two wars — there’s two massive differences:

    1. The very idea of unaging. Brad very aptly sums up Roth’s idea of it in the above clip: “He’s experiencing life as we do it, but his body is running backwards.”

    That is, Button is smarter when he appears 15 than when he appears 70 … he’s lived longer. In the F. Scott short story, Benjamin is born smarter, able to speak and read. Fitzgerald was much more honest to his source material, which was a quote from Mark Twain: “Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.”

    2. The use of family. In the Fitzgerald story, the two most important supporting characters are Benjamin’s father and son (though his lover/wife is right up there). In the film, the father and offspring are underplayed. Roth backed his way out of this nicely — Queenie is his best character, and Benjamin’s reluctance to father is a good post-movie conversation piece. But it still feels like a bit of a shortcut on Roth’s part, limiting what might have been the two most interesting relationships of all.

  • 6 1-01-2009 at 8:42 pm

    Kristopher Tapley said...

    Rose is brilliant as is his show. You want stupid pet tricks, change the channel. (Hey, I like stupid pet tricks too, but sometimes, I want a thoughtful interview…sue me).

    As for Fincher’s lack of enthusiasm, it’s just the way he is. And it’s hurting him a bit this Oscar season. There’s something off-putting about it.

  • 7 1-01-2009 at 11:58 pm

    Mr. Gittes said...

    Watch De Niro on Rose’s show discussing The Good Shepherd. Even Bobby D became animated when he talked about the material and his love for C.I.A. history. Fincher seems more interested in talking about money issues and budget problems.

    Also, I suggest watching Rose’s recent interview with DiCaprio. Rose is brilliant!

  • 8 1-02-2009 at 8:35 am

    Kristopher Tapley said...

    Good one with Mendes last night too.

  • 9 1-02-2009 at 2:17 pm

    B said...

    I love Pitt, but his disconnection to what the media prints about him and his ex’s influence is going to lead to the destruction of the truth. He is not fully aware of the campaign the media has been engaging in since November. The latest
    campaign is a false premise of a confession.
    The fool is ignoring what the media has been saying about him including how his own interviews came out. The media wants to permanently shut the people who understand the truth up and make everybody think the piece of gossip that started this is confirmed fact when it is an evil lie that would have devastating
    consequences because of how it collided with reality.

    The media deliberately misquotes, makes false claims, lies, and etc all of the time. However, the tactic they have been using to the extreme degree for the past couple of months is to incorporate fabrications or distort comments within the context of Brad & Angelina interviews. They are claiming they made comments they did not or change the meaning
    or implications behind what they said. Some of those interviews are nonexistent. I just need to warn the minority who believed and supported
    him throughout this ongoing vicious misportrayal for the past 4 horrible years , NOT to believe any of the media’s claims of a confession. They did not have that infamous affair and they have gracefully defended themselves against that damning garbage for the past four years. The media has tried to pull off that angle before only to have it clarified that they denied, not confirmed that misportrayal. The media also lies about their words all of the time but this is the first time it might manage to destroy any access to the truth and make it impossible for anybody to defend them & expose the mass corruption they are the targets of. Brad probably won’t realize why the small faction of people who really support him morally turned on him until its too late. I hope
    that is not the case. Engaging in a PR blitz for Benjamin Button while being oblivious to what they are saying about him personally is the most ignorant and self-destructive behavior he has ever engaged in. The campaign started in November and most of those articles were circulated in Nov-Dec and have already had the desired effect from the brainwashed masses who will believe anything that confirms that misportrayal and their unfounded hatred. I guess they understand they will always have trash printed against them and there is nothing they can do to stop the public from believing it.
    However, they were foolishly secure in the media acknowledging their stance on that accusation and about them maintaining their denials. They have both made so many statements, even had interviews from last year with the distinct purpose of defending themselves from the accusation. It makes no sense they would suddenly contradict themselves and turn their back on the truth which defines them by making random, slight statments that equal a confession. It makes no sense they would incriminate themselves right before the release of his film. I know what the truth is in detail, but in addition to that, their words, behavior, and actions all lead to that accusation not being true. He said he would go the grave carrying the truth no matter what people say among many other things. The media
    and his ex manipulates…not only do they get away with it but they get rewarded for it. You
    have corruption disguising itself as morality while the real good people get mocked and disgraced. This time , if proper action is not taken, the truth could be destroyed for good.

    There is too much to explain but I will clarify
    three points as simply as I can and I know a minority will understand what I am referring to:

    1) The very biased NY Times printed a nonexistent interview / statement with Jolie.
    I should point out the entire media is biased and jumped on that bandwagon. Tabloids do that all of the time and it has spread to newspapers & magazines. Alot of random statments they claim came from Pitt or Jolie are fabrications. This was back when she was promoting The Changeling. The media especially likes to sabotage them when something good happens to them, the birth of a child or in this case, the release of an Oscar contender. They claimed
    that Jolie referred to Mr. and Mrs. Smith as the movie where mommy and daddy fell in love
    in the context of an alleged conversation where they discussed what movies her kids are not allowed to see. This goes against everything Jolie passionately declared before. In fact, in Jan 2007 there an attempt in another interview
    which also got deeply distorted, in which Jolie clearly states that this was not the case.
    I checked with my sources as well as relying on my own instincts. This statement was a complete fabrication. There was no interview or such conversation. She never said that. It is insane they could claim she said that but the world pretty much has been blinded into believing everything the media claims. It is also sick how they drew her kids into that. I know she has said to her friends that one of the worst things that could happen is her kids wrongly believing she stole Brad or wrecked his first marriage. She has tried her best to shield her kids from all of the lies. It also makes no sense that after tons of comments and interviews defending herself from this..she would suddenly and randomly make a slight comment that would go against everything that is true.
    The media has also claimed in the past that Jolie
    said Mr. and Mrs. Smith changed her life and circulated other pseudo-incriminating comments. All false and made up by the press.
    They tried to make the public think they contradicted themselves or they talk about Mr.and Mrs. Smith all of the time when they only mentioned it for the past couple of years in order to defend themselves from the gossip.
    The media repeated the same tactic with Brad’s interviews in 2007 only to have it clarified again that he said the romance began afterwards. Why would Brad & Angelina suddenly change their story? They fought hard to defend themselves against that false accusation.

    2) His ex did an interview with Vogue full of calculating bs, lies, and contradictions. No point in addressing everything she said. She
    distorted, contradicted, and blatantly took out of context what Jolie said in a Vogue interview back in 2007. In fact, that interview itself was deeply distorted with what was released not being an accurate reflection of what she said.
    In fact, back in 2007 the media used that tactic of contradicting and distorting, around the time that interview was released to make it appear she confessed when she did NOT. I hope their real fans remember that and all of those misleading headlines. Despite all of the distortions within that interview, it was made clear she denied having an affair with Brad when he was still with Jennifer. She said it began after his breakup but did not give out the details. She also said she and Brad were good friends during the shooting of that movie. She merely tried to described the bond they shared at the time. His ex lies to make it appear that Jolie confessed or described an affair in that interview. Taking out of context about Jolie saying she looked forward to work everyday and calling it stinging and inappropriate when what Jolie said was harmless. She also went on to mislead, saying it was inappropriate because she was unaware of what was happening at the time, making their then-friendship seem scandalous. Even worse, making it seem as if Jolie classessly bragged about an affair when the complete opposite is true. She denied it and was respectful & considerate of his ex. All she tried to describe was how she enjoyed working and spending time with him. In fact, his ex literally rehashed the campaign from 05-06 using similar devious
    tactics. Pretending to be low-profile for a year, only to spitefully strike out at them again knowing she has the press in the palm of her hand. She knows they made the bad choice of choosing to ignore what the media prints about them. She was even sneaky enough to pretend to make a peace offering and tried to act like she wanted to be friends with him really, only to betray, lie about him, and throw him under the bus again. She also had the release date of her movie postponed to match his release date. It was originally scheduled for the week before
    Christmas week. I could go on and on. It was that interview which officially launched the media’s agenda within their already existing corruption to make people think they confessed.

    3) Brad’s Rolling Stone interview. Again, that interview was not an accurate reflection of what he actually said. There were detractions and fabrications. They incoporated a fabrication within his interview which echoed that fabricated statement from Jolie claiming she said they fell in love during that shoot. The media sealed the deal framing them for a confession. They claimed they asked Brad what his favorite Jolie movie was. They claimed his reponse was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Six kids. Fell in love.

    He did not say he fell in love during filming or that he had an affair. Obviously, those six kids were not produced or adopted on the set of that movie. The movie did introduce him to Jolie.
    Later on, they fell in love and started a life & family together. He did not say it happened during that movie. He couldn’t have become eventually romantically involved with her if he had not even met her, that is where they met.
    I felt there was no need to clarify because he repeatedly and emphatically stated their romance developed afterwards. I was confused and doubted he would even carelessly discuss that movie in a way that could be misconstrued.
    So I checked with my sources. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is not his favorite Jolie movie and in fact, he didn’t like that movie. He has always maintained privately with his friends & family as well as publicly that accusation and storyline is not true. He would never say anything that supported that misportrayal which ruined his reputation, made him a media target, and the made him the most insulted man in the world.
    That he would rather die than confess to that.
    They insist that it was a distortion of some sort and he probably did not even bring up that movie.

    Do not believe what the media says, even if they claim it came from their mouths.

    Kristopher Tapley, I know you share that other perspective. I would appreciate it if you did not delete, edit, or attack my message. It is of great value and importance because that stupid rumor has and always will have a negative, destructive
    impact on society. I am doing my moral duty and warning people. Nobody should believe they confessed.

    I hope he understands what has been going on for the past several months and acts on it properly.

  • 10 1-02-2009 at 2:22 pm

    B said...

    What I said might not seem relevant but it really is because it does affect their careers and will officially malign everything about them: their family, their love, their personalities, their humanitarian work, and etc. Their films have had to deal with harsh higher standards and have had to overcome that bias from journalists.
    They have lost vehicles because they are viewed as a liability and etc.

    I posted this to warn and inform his real fans.
    It goes deeper than being a fan of his, it is about morality and truth. I wish the flamers would not react to what I said.

  • 11 1-02-2009 at 2:37 pm

    B said...

    Brad and Fincher make an extraordinary team and I hope they work together again in the future. I also think Brad and Cate make a dynamic duo and should team up again.

    I think Charlie Rose is a great interviewer . It is not about witty and entertaining stories or any schlitz. His show has substances and interviews with actors are primarily about the craft and the movies. His show always give a new insight into the people he interviews. He also never displays a personal bias when he is interviewing.

    I know the reviews for Benjamin Button, The Changeling, and some of their other movies would have been better and the ratings would have been higher if not for that bias.

    I love Brad, but interviews like these have never been his strong suit. This interview was medicore. I know Brad is still nervous when it comes to public speaking and promotion. I am praying for a big interview in which he clarifies his stance on that accusation because that is more important than anything because unfortunatetly, the media defines them by this brutal misportrayal. For his real fans, please pray that he says and does the right thing.

  • 12 1-02-2009 at 2:44 pm

    B said...

    Slight typo. His show has substance.

    There was also worthy attention brought to NOLA and the movement to rehabilitate
    New Orleans. The city needs help and I hope some of you were motivated into contributing.

  • 13 1-10-2009 at 2:18 pm

    Tanika said...

    Thank you B for clarifying and discussing this. I have been scared and confused for the past two months as well with the media claiming they said things I knew they would never in a million years ever say. Brad did his repeat his mistake
    of using another magazine to defend himself because I am certain some of his words were
    distorted again. The media is going nuts with trying to create a spin against his denials. I knew there was no way he was going to let the media
    frame him and Jolie. Brad and Jolie did not have
    an affair and they never said they fell in love during shooting. Those are two powerful facts the world will always reject. The media is also
    using their misquotations and false claims of
    alleged statements Jolie made to block Brad’s
    credibility despite the fact he has denied this for four years. They are also using the emotional
    infidelity angle his ex deviously and brillantly
    cooked up because she lacked any real evidence
    she was victimized. He denied crossing that line and that Jolie was not the cause. I know Brad
    is a moral man and he didn’t have that scandalous state of mind his ex claimed he did.
    I also know mature people understand that being
    attracted to somebody or even feeling that
    temptation is not the same as cheating. Otherwise, all of us would be considered philanderers. Attraction does not end when you are in a relationship and people have innocent crushes on people who are unavailable. It is only corrupt and considered infidelity if you really cross that line, if that person is the direct cause,
    and if they acted on that attraction when it was inappropriate. You judge at the point of the actual hookup, not the meeting. We have all moved on with friends, coworkers, or acquaitances instead of with new people we meet or strangers.

    He did defend himself with class and grace. He
    even defended his ex which she does not deserve, to downplay her influence in the corruption. To make it clear to his real fans,
    he DENIED that accusation. I knew I was right about him.