105 new AMPAS members receive their first Oscar ballots

Posted by · 12:26 pm · December 26th, 2008

Yes, the Academy mailed out Oscar ballots today.  Nikki Finke is wondering whether it’s a foregone conclusion, claiming that “this year’s Oscars is shaping up as rather suspense-less.”  Well, live and learn this season, Nikki, because nothing is ever foregone with this bunch.

Meanwhile, Sandy Cohen of the Associated Press got on the horn with a handful of the Academy’s 105 newest additions.  Here’s an excerpt from her story:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences mailed 5,810 official Oscar nominations ballots to voting members Friday, and perhaps no one was more excited — or more daunted — to cast votes than its 105 newest members.

“It’s like ‘Wayne’s World.’ I’m not worthy,” said Doug Cooper, 35, who just joined the short films and feature animation branch. “Basically, it’s fear. You have to make a decision.”

Cinematographer Jonathan Brown said he and his industry pals have been doing their own Oscar polling for years — but this time, his vote really counts.

“The idea that now it matters is so cool,” he said. “We can, in a small way, have an influence in people getting recognized.”

Yes you can, Mr. Brown.  Please take your role seriously.

Check out the rest here.

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