12/15 Oscarweb Round-up

Posted by · 5:33 am · December 15th, 2008

Will SmithNathaniel Rogers goes back to the well with some updated Oscar predictions. [The Film Experience]

Charles McGrath writes up the upcoming “Revolutionary Road” release. [New York Times]

Philip French remembers a bleak year in cinema. [The Guardian]

Similarly, John Horn notes the box office success of some challenging films this holiday season. [Los Angeles Times]

Speaking of challenging films, Andrew O’Hehir talks to Steven Soderbergh about “Che.” [Beyond the Multiplex]

Susan King, meanwhile, talks to Brian Goodman about his life-turned-movie in “What Doesn’t Kill You.” [Los Angeles Times]

Andy Serkis comes out from behind the CGI masks of his most famous performances into acceptance as a fine actor. [The Times]

Donna Freydkin chats it up with “Seven Pounds” star Will Smith. [USA Today]

Glenn Kenny on Hollywood finally turning classics into digital masterpieces. [Popular Mechanics]

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