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Posted by · 6:23 am · December 12th, 2008

James Franco in Pineapple Express

While James Franco was brooding and winning a Golden Globe for the TV telepic “James Dean” and fighting superheroes in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise, the actor says he longed for the escape of a comedy.

Soon enough, producer Judd Apatow approached Franco to star alongside Seth Rogen in David Gordon Green’s “Pineapple Express.” After years of playing ultra serious characters, the actor had finally found an opportunity to let his hair down.

“I didn’t get offered a ton of comedies, and the ones I did get offered were more like romantic comedies. That wasn’t really my thing,” Franco says from San Francisco, just before the world premiere of Gus Van Sant’s “Milk.” “So when Judd said he wanted to do something together, it was kind of a relief.”

From a 11/21 Variety story by yours truly concerning actors moving between dramas and comedies this year.  I’m still stoked at Franco’s Golden Globe nomination yesterday for Gordon’s film.

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    Dianna Trent said...

    James has come a long way…..and he’s not done yet!