More vague “news” on ’28 Months Later’

Posted by · 12:47 pm · November 11th, 2008

28 Months LaterI ran across this /Film post today regarding a sequel to “28 Weeks Later” (which, to my mind, was a very successful sequel to the bloody awesome “28 Days Later”).  I don’t generally get into the web-journo thing of clawing over ourselves to convey nothing “scoops” from this junket or that, but seeing as the /Film post (stemming originally from brought such painfully vague information to light (though I guess the possibility of Danny Boyle directing is interesting), I figured I’d add my bit of earth-shattering information, taken from my interview with Boyle last week:

Well there is a plan.  A little idea.  Well it’s a big idea, and it’s a bit different so it won’t be more of the same.  Not really.

Feel free to giggle at the absurdity of it all.  I didn’t even bother following it up because he clearly wanted it somewhat muted, but I can’t say I’m not curious about what “a bit different” means.  I love this franchise, and the closing moments of “28 Weeks Later” were friggin’ awesome, so bring this one on any day.

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  • 1 11-11-2008 at 2:03 pm

    AdamL said...

    You know it is going to be junk when they have to work a screenplay around a title they have already decided upon, before they even put pen to paper. At least it’ll be better than 28 Years Later.

  • 2 11-11-2008 at 4:14 pm

    Ross Miller said...

    I love those two movies, particularly the first one. But you’re right Kris the second one’s closing scene was awesome, I have an idea continuing from that for the first scene of the next one if and when they do it:

    It opens with the closing few seconds of “Weeks”, it then cuts to black but seconds later comes back on again. It then reveals two or three people being chased by the infected up the Eiffel Tower. Just picture how awesome that would be – people being chased by zombies up the effing Eiffel Tower! Then two of the people being chased get caught by the infected and then they of course turn into them themselves and start chasing the remaining person along with the rest of the infected. Well from there the person makes it to the top of the tower and has to make the decision whether to let themself be caught and changed by the infected or commit suicide by jumping from the tower. The camera then cuts to a far away shot of the tower, in sillouette because of the time of day it is. And then we just see the sillouette of the person jumping off the tower and the infected following them, just tumbling to the ground……

    ….I’d pay to see that scene alone:)

  • 3 11-11-2008 at 11:13 pm

    Leone said...

    greatest, ingenious “horror films” in recent memory were the first two. I eagerly await the third.

  • 4 2-03-2009 at 4:56 pm

    Steve said...

    PLEASE make a 3rd movie! I love the first 2 movies. Both of them are among my favorite movies of all time. I’m hoping for a 3rd movie, and I’m hoping Boyle directs it!