U.K. ‘Che’ teaser

Posted by · 5:45 pm · November 6th, 2008

Courtesy of the Telegraph comes this British teaser trailer for “Che,” which makes it look rather more gung-ho and biopic-styled than it really is.

I’ve been struggling with the two films slightly in the week since I saw them. I was more persuaded by Soderbergh’s vision than Kris, but I’m not sure if I was all that moved. The lack of urgency in the filmmaking may just be carrying over to its staying power in my memory — but then, I was suffering from festival fatigue when I saw them. I really need to rewatch both films in a couple of months to see where I stand.

Anyway, enjoy:

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    Billyboy said...

    OT: Has anyone read Variety’s review of Doubt? It’s a positive review… the only problem according to McCarthy: Meryl Streep.

    “The film’s one iffy element, oddly enough, is Streep. This master screen actor, who applies a slight New Yawk accent to her phrasings, takes the vocal low road here as opposed to the more forceful approach of Cherry Jones in her riveting Broadway turn. By ostensibly underplaying the role’s villainy, however, Streep overdoes the melodrama, thereby turning Sister Aloysius into more of a stock figure than she ultimately seemed onstage. Every little tic, gesture and facial mannerism seems maximized by the effort expended to minimalize them, to diminished returns in the cause of creating a three-dimensional character. While the dramatic scenes still register with notable force, it’s a disconcerting, unsatisfying performance from a thesp who most of the time rings true.”