11/2 Oscarweb Round-up

Posted by · 12:17 pm · November 2nd, 2008

James FrancoAfter a third go, Jeffrey Wells is still in the tank for “Che,” claiming that you have to do some homework on the subject before coming into the film. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

Steven Zeitchik writes up the Oscar season from the most played-out perspective in the book: biopics. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Chrissey Iley chats it up with Leonardo CiCaprio. [The Guardian]

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Day goes toe-to-toe with Clint Eastwood. [The Guardian]

Michael Ordoña is a busy bee this weekend, first tackling a one-on-one with Viggo Mortensen… [Los Angeles Times]

…then chatting with Edward Zwick about his new film “Defiance.” [Los Angeles Times]

Sam Adams, meanwhile, talks to “Milk” star James Franco. [Los Angeles Times]

The stars share their thoughts on the 2008 election. [Premiere]

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