Do we really need Weekend Update Thursday Night?

Posted by · 10:02 pm · October 16th, 2008

Seriously, that was just…weird.  Seth Meyers and Darrell Hammond looked like they didn’t know how to work on a weekday, but Kristen Wiig was, as usual, on point.


Also, I just heard Joe the Plumber isn’t even a licensed plumber.  Hilarious.

November 4 can’t get here fast enough.

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  • 1 10-17-2008 at 4:50 am

    Chris said...

    I would have to agree with you on those points. I guess doing two shows a week might be taking it’s toll on the cast and writers. I laughed too when I heard that “Joe the Plumber” isn’t necessarily a plumber!:D

  • 2 10-17-2008 at 8:29 am

    Mr. 9 said...

    In some states, Ohio included, if you are a union plumber you do not need to have a license as long as the business you are working for has one. If he decides to open his own plumbing business then he’ll need a license.