9/30 Oscarweb Round-up

Posted by · 5:40 am · September 30th, 2008

Mickey RourkeMark Olsen reports on the first U.S. screening of German foreign film Oscar entry “The Baader-Meinhof Complex.” [The Big Picture]

Jeffrey Wells passes along a note from an exhibitor acquaintance who thinks “Milk” is a home run, but “Frost/Nixon” is a bit stale. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

Then he picks the five likely Best Picture nominees, based on the criteria of stories involving journey and redemption. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

In a truly tasteless display, Elizabeth Snead makes wise cracks alongside 28 photos of Mickey Rourke’s more bizarre fashion decisions through the years. [The Envelope]

David Poland responds to the manipulation of Nikki Finke. [The Hot Blog]

Nathaniel Rogers doesn’t think any of the “Reader” hub-bub is a big deal at all. [The Film Experience]

Anne Thompson runs down the stacked Best Actor category with the potential Downey vs. Foxx “Soloist” showdown in mind. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Tom O’Neil corrals seven pundits for his own predictions chart to light a fire under the collective rear of the Buzzmeter techs. [Gold Derby]

James Rocchi chats it up with “Religulous” maestro Bill Maher. [Cinematical]

Karina Longworth reviews “Che” and reports from the NYFF Soderbergh press conference. [Spout Blog]

Adam Moss corners Woody Allen in the Big Apple. [New York Magazine]

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2 responses so far

  • 1 9-30-2008 at 7:59 am

    Jamieson said...

    I think The Reader situation is being overblown and given more attention than it should. Shit happens. All I care about is the quality of the films and since Daldry has made some very good films in the past I say bring it on. If he says he can finish it on time with the new schedule I’ll take his word for it (especially since he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion earlier in the year when he felt restrained).

    I don’t think anyone should have to sit on a picture just because the star has another potential Oscar picture coming out. Weinstein doesn’t owe them anything, and it’s an understandable business decision on his part to release it this season as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m looking forward to Revolutionary Road far more than The Reader, but I think both should be able to see release and enjoy some success this season without everybody getting up in arms about it.

  • 2 9-30-2008 at 8:29 am

    McGuff said...

    I can see what Jeffrey Wells did with the idea of personal journey and redemption, but sticking to one steadfast theme isn’t going to help you pick the final five. Given the themes he lists, INTO THE WILD would have been an absolute shoo-in last year, as it encompassed that more than any other movie of the year, and about as much as any in the last five. It’s a cute trick, but not a particularly worthwhile one.