9/29 Oscarweb Round-up

Posted by · 5:39 am · September 29th, 2008

Michael CeraA happy ending of sorts for Matilda Rose in the wake of Heath Ledger’s death. [Agence France-Presse]

Kenneth Branagh is in talks to direct “Thor.”  Weird, but badass. [Variety]

Tom O’Neil traces Paul Newman’s frustrating quest for Oscars. [Gold Derby]

James Rocchi talks to “Miracle at St. Anna” director Spike Lee. [Cinematical]

The Los Angeles Times have hired an east coast outsider and called it awards coverage.  Well, we wish him well. [The Envelope]

Nikki Finke primises to report all the “juicy backstory” on the Rudin/Weinstein situation — because she’s a journalistic disgrace. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

“Quantum of Solace” will have more product placement than any Bond film before it. [The Independent]

Mark Olson grills Jonathan Demme on “Rachel Getting Married.” [Los Angeles Times]

Meanwhile, Susan King takes on “Rachel” screenwriting Jenny Lumet. [Los Angeles Times]

Chris Lee gets some quality time in with Leonardo DiCaprio re: “Body of Lies.” [Los Angeles Times]

Michael Cera: heart throb. [Newsweek]

Or, Michael Cera: almost famous. [New York Times]

Greg Kinnear dishes on his roles in “Flash of Genius” and “Ghost Town.” [Associated Press]

Bill Maher Q&A’s it up on “Religulous.” [New York Post]

And again, with director Larry Charles in tow. [New York Times]

…okay, I gotta cut it off there.  Tons of items out there today.

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