9/15 Oscarweb Round-up

Posted by · 5:34 am · September 15th, 2008

Keira Knightley in The DuchessAnne Thompson offers her perspective on Toronto’s winners and losers. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Nathaniel Rogers digs back into the recent past of the festival’s Audience Award to see what is in store for “Slumdog Millionaire.” [The Film Experience]

Has “The Visitor” begun an award-winning streak that will culminate with Oscar recognition?  [Screen Daily]

Susan Wloszczyna spends some quality time with “it” boy Mickey Rourke. [USA Today]

Keira Knightley talks “The Duchess” and fashion with Mark Ellwood. [New York Daily News]

Jenni Miller sits down with “The Brothers Bloom” star Adrien Brody. [Premiere]

Michelle Kung gets Ed Harris on the record. [The Wall Street Journal]

Spike Lee puts his Clint Eastwood fued to bed…whatever. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

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  • 1 9-15-2008 at 9:29 am

    Rob Scheer said...

    Jesus Chris, I know Spike has never been the most “tactful” or “low-key” presence in film, and we love him for it, but can he PLEASE shut the fuck up about the Eastwood thing?

    He’s literally the only one who’s talking about it, who gives a shit, and for someone who’s apparently displeased with its repercussions, he KEEPS trotting it out there. This is easily the most flagrant self-promotion and attention-grabbing I’ve ever seen him, and it’s borderline-pathetic…