I wonder if Nicolas Cage is kicking himself right now.

Posted by · 11:12 pm · September 8th, 2008

After all, he was supposed to take on the role that is making Mickey Rourke a star again.  “Bangkok Dangerous” or “The Wrestler” — which film would you rather be your stage at the moment?

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  • 1 9-09-2008 at 10:08 am

    jOHN said...

    Having seen The Wrestler the other day at TIFF, I can say that there is NO WAY that Nick Cage could have delivered the character that Mickey Rourke gave us. It would have been a different movie – one that wouldn’t have worked as well, one that wouldn’t have won the Venice Prize, and one that wouldn’t have made me leave Toronto’s Elgin Theater completely satisfied.

  • 2 9-09-2008 at 2:29 pm

    Casey said...

    Nic Cage isnt believable as a proffessional wrestler at all anyway. even in at his biggest, Con-Air, he still would’ve looked like a 45 year old 1-2-3-Kid/XPAC. lame.